1. I can ascertain my knowledge of Italian grammar through an on-line entrance test before I choose the more appropriate course for me

2. I can save time and money necessary to move within the city because I do video lesson individually or in a mini group also via Skype

3. I can get immediate and free access to on-line study material (YouTube/Rai Replay) and I will not have to buy textbooks and books.

4. I can sign up directly for YouTube channel ITALIANSKONSULTING and consult about 30,000 videos in Italian language, grouped into themed playlists, with subtitles in Italian, in Enhglish or in combination IT + EN that have been carefully selected to facilitate the understanding for students (diplomats, professionals, etc.) of different nationalities

5. I can create my own list of (thematic) videos that I can use for my language exercises before and after the video lesson

6. I can contribute to the creation of a technical or phraseological dictionary (Italian - ____) which can be shared and updated by other students

7. I can have a weekly tutorial with mother tongue teacher of my video lesson to check aquired knowledge

8. I can always choose place, day and time, but especially people with whom I want to share my pre-paid video lessons

9. I can very flexibly determine the intensity and duration of my video lesson and decide whether to have one, two or more times a week

10.  I can cancel my pre-paid video lessons at any time without giving a reason and donate them to my friends or acquaintances (at birthday/Christmas)